Per-user IP accounting for Linux kernel

This patch originates from the time of 2.0 and 2.2 kernels when some
nice guys decided to implement this functionality.

At a certain point in time we have stumbled upon this old forgotten
project and since we required just this functionality for our shell
hosting, we decicded to blow a new life into it. 

Later on, we figured out, that this sort of functionality is well
desired and we decided to share it with the world and actually maintain
and extend it. Hence, this project was born.

With the last kernel we broke lots of bells and whistles, but it does
one main thing damn well - that's traffic accounting per-user.

Set of utilities that are needed to address the data collected by
kernel will be uploaded shortly, as soon as we finish testing them
with the new kernel.

Bells and whistles will be restored by 2.6.25.

Enjoy, enything you miss / want - just let us know.